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Famed Shoe Repair Business Gets “Thrilled” New Owner




The Little Green Cobbler, one of the top repair businesses in Southern California for more than 40 years, has an exciting new owner. Raul Islas, who mastered the art of shoe, luggage and leather repair working in Mexico City for his brother-in-law for 30 years, is thrilled to have his own shop and clientele.

Bringing his expertise from a city recognized globally for fine leather gifts in shops such as world-renown Aries, this leather craftsman amazes customers with his skills. Elegantly restoring leather goods such as designer purses, shoes and luggage is his specialty.

“Nothing makes me happier than making a customer’s day by renewing the life of his or her favorite shoes,” Raul said. “My goal always is to exceed customer satisfaction.”

One client was so happy, he sent him a postcard that said, “Thanks for always getting my shoes cleaned and fixed at the last moment. I appreciate you and your services. Best Wishes, Rob.”

“I love working with my hands to help others,” Raul said. “And I’m getting more and more business because of the economy. Customers are getting their shoes and luggage fixed rather than purchasing new items. So, I’m actually able to help people save money.”

Another reason for his popularity is the trend to save and recycle. The word has spread that this master craftsman can make worn shoes look like new.

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In addition to shoe and luggage repair, the craftsman specializes in fixing cowboy boots, dyeing and making keys.  And his wife does alterations.

Stop by and see Raul’s “magic” work for you at 5944 Warner Ave., HB (in the Springdale Warner Shopping Center, near the Scooter store). 714-846-1237.


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