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Press and Media for Huntington Beach Coupons


Press and media section for Huntington Beach Coupon includes stories that have appeared in news publications, and press releases and official information about this coupons savings web site for Huntington Beach, California and the surrounding areas.

Background: Launched several years ago, Huntington Beach Coupon has been years in the making, and has slowly grown into the premier option for coupon clipping and consumer savings.

Huntington Beach coupons are gathered by volunteers who then assemble coupons and stories and submit information about merchants and businesses for publishing with merchant approval.

When the City of Huntington Beach Economic Development challenged taxpayers to shop local, volunteers at Huntington Beach Coupon met that challenge by promoting the businesses and their savings. No taxpayer expense has been incurred to launch and maintain the volunteer project. Proudly helping neighbors and residents, businesses and shops to thrive, Huntington Beach Coupon is an example of how families, friends and neighbors can pitch in to make a change.